Workshop at EBU (Operating Eurovision and Euroradio)

Time to innovate

Creating a new business model with Exelop

A three-day workshop brought together journalists and experts from around the world and focused on three themes:

Innovation :
How to innovate?
What to innovate?

Processes :
How to design a disruptive cost efficient process ?
How to measure process efficiency?

Gouvernance :
How to have a robust and reliable system to make confident and quick decisions?


  • Creating new processes to accelerate sales and lower operational costs.
  • Proposal for a new governance model to unlock the sales potential of the markets (7 new rules have been suggested).
  • Construction of a portfolio of innovations: product, technology and a business model (13 major innovations including three disruptive have been identified).

The dynamic participation of the participants, the strong will to find new solutions and the application of the IDM-TRIZ, Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, allowed this workshop to generate short, medium and long-term evolution hypotheses, and to identify breakthrough innovations on product services and organizational processes for the long-term sustainability of EBU.