Innovate to take a competitive advantage and forget the crisis!

A problem solving method that allows you to find the concepts of innovative solutions to infinity.
Innovation is today a key factor for success and business growth. TRIZ methodology will allow you to develop systematic innovation at the heart of your business.

Exelop Formations provides organizations with trainings and recognized official certifications, supervised by a TRIZ expert, based on practical examples and an exceptional personalized follow up.


TRIZ Basic training teaches you to expand the creative potential of your company through the application of a method. You will discover how to use the basic principles of systematic innovation method.

Next sessions : June 2 and 3


TRIZ M-Tech training will allow you, to manage a structured innovation project based on a rigorous methodology relevant in any sector. You will know how to innovate to solve complex problems that prevent your company grow or invent new products whose commercial impact is guaranteed.

Next sessions : June 20 to 22.

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