The Breakfast “TRIZ and its software : PICC”, held in the Geneva premises of our partner Teamwork Management SA on July 13th, saw TRIZ specialists from various horizons discover our software; PICC (Private Innovation Competence Center) and exchange around its use in TRIZ projects.

TRIZ is a method of systematizing innovation, through a robust and reliable process, while avoiding reinventing the wheel. It is based on the observation that the problems encountered in the design of a new product have similar contradictions, and therefore that similar solutions must be applicable.

PICC guides you through this process and supports the projects by capitalizing the analysis and reasoning carried out during innovation projects.

demonstration PICC lors du breakfast du 13 juillet 2018

The participants, Triz specialists, were able to use the software all morning and appreciate the user-friendliness of its interface, while being introduced to the creation of Knowledge Maps.

The “KMAP” module of our software, offers an innovative approach to Knowledge Management, or rather the Know-How Management, capitalization of know-how by capturing the daily feedback from users. This knowledge is structured in graphic form, easily searchable, measurable, documentable, and accessible on computer, tablet or smartphone.

They also saw how the Build & Solve module could boost their creativity, drive their innovation process and solve problems. This module facilitates the process of systematization of innovation and the system, product or market analyses that punctuate it. It also generates evolutionary assumptions based on the fundamental laws of Evolution.

Participants particularly appreciated PICC’s ability to bring together a team around an innovation project, raising concerns about the potentially cumbersome process of the Triz method, which becomes transparent.

We would like to thank the participants and their companies: TeamWork Management SA, Procter & Gamble, Owenscorning and Mind for their visit. They will be able to take advantage of the trial offer to continue their exploration of PICC.

Next Breakfast is scheduled for August 24, 2018. (click here to sign up)

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