Production management : Exelop was in Tunisia for a mission during Recovery Plan

During four months, from July to October, Exelop intervened in a company whose order volume exploded in 2015.

Given the drastic increase in the number of orders, the company encountered problems in delivering orders on time.

A mission on production management following two steps :

Firstly, we had secure procurements: increased forecast horizon to prevent stock breaks from 2 to 11 weeks and reduction of the number of orders « in the past ».
Changing for a 11-week vision allows the supplier to produce the pieces in a standard delay.
(eg: a piece for which the lead time (= production by the subcontractor + transport) is 4 weeks, could not be supplied by the requested date if the need is identified only 2 weeks before the due date).
Reducing the number of orders in the past has in turn permitted reliable calculation of net needs and better vision of the stock: in fact, these non-received orders were considered available stock and thus distorted the calculation of need.

Secondly, once made reliable supplies and reduced procurement shortages, production delays had to be reduced by allowing schedulers to plan their production.
Visualization tools of the priorities of the day and adequacy load / capacity in real time have been set up, and a communication tool to share the commitments on time between all stakeholders.