Special event during Triz Future Conference 2015: Patent Bypassing

TRIZ Future Conference 2015  : « How to enter a protected market with patent bypassing ? »

A special event has been set up during the 2015 edition of Triz Future Conference in Berlin by Exelop and Tom Spike.

Tom Spike is an expert of innovation based in Berlin. They help industries and international corporation create innovations more quickly and easily. Workshops and Choaching are methods that Tom Spike often use with their clients.

This special event focused on innovation and took place in Otto Bock’s office on October 28th 2015. Three speeches have been presented : “Identifying the Biggest Potentials in Complex Technology” by Denis Cavallucci, “How to enter a protected market with patent bypassing?” by Constant Ondo and “How cost pressure drives innovation” by a member of Bombardier Canada.

Among the participants, we could count on the participation of the chief expert of the office of benchmark at Bosch, a specialist of electrical systems and the subsystem platforms implementation director at Bombardier, a senior expert at Schaeffler, the senior head of quality at MDD, an high voltage electricity expert at General Electric and the project leader of Berlin Partner.

The event has been followed by a tour at the exposition of Otto Bock’s technics and history, ending on the roof with a magnificent view on the Brandenburger Tür.