Innovation & Creativity


To stimulate innovation, collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

The Big Picture

CICC is a collaborative workplace based on the “crowdsourcing” paradigm. The aim is to capitalise on all the knowledge available relating to a specific system, in order to solve complex problems.

With little investment, “seekers” (companies searching for a solution) can post their problem. The “solvers” (companies offering ideas for posted problems) will propose solutions.

If a Solver’s solution is retained, a financial reward is given.

This collaborative workplace is an illustration of open innovation and works using the concept of “contradiction”, specific to the TRIZ methodology. The seeker must express his problem as a set of contradictions needing to be solved. Solvers (worldwide) will propose inventive solutions to address these contradictions.

Target: Companies that recognize innovation as a Key Success Factor

More than a marketplace

CICC is a group of people, all dedicated to solving problems. “Seekers” can physically bring their projects to the CICC based in Lausanne or Geneva. We will analyse the problem and formulate the contradictions needing to be addressed, in order to submit them to the “solvers”. Once validated, there are possible 3 scenarios:

1. The problem and its contradictions are posted within the collaborative platform. Solvers are required to propose solutions for a price.

2. For Seekers not willing to invest resources in developing a new solution, our early watch system can scan the market for a reusable existing solution. This time-consuming task is optimized thanks to our software that scans patents and scientific documents to unveil useful solutions. Because we are working on the basis of contradictions, we are able to reach for solutions in unexplored areas and industries.

3. CICC may propose a solution without using the Open Innovation platform.

What you get

For the Seekers

• Find an innovative solution and get different perspectives according to the strengths of different methodologies and tools including:
– Design Thinking
– Biomimicry.

• The guarantee of obtaining at least one solution concept.

• The ability to measure the quality of a solution before prototyping.

For the Solvers

• Financial revenues for each validated solution.

• Notoriety.