SAP : Gold Medal for Interroll project with Exelop

Switzerland, 2014 – “SAP Quality Awards”

These SAP awards recognize the ERP publishers (Enterprise Ressource Planning) that have successfully implemented particularly interesting projects. SAP promotes continuous quality improvement of processes, services and products. SAP’s strong quality-based culture consists of a high commitment of their employees using innovative methods.

SAP Awards in Switzerland with Exelop

This year, the Gold Medal in the category “Business Transformation” (large projects with over 400 users over a period of about six month and more than 900 people) went to Interroll for its project with Exelop. This award recognizes a well executed project and a particular attention was given to change management.

The Interrol group produces high standard products used in internal logistics (drives, carton flow, etc.). Airports and food industries belong to the core industries for which the international company Interrol is devoted.