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ACTLean Software

ACTLean is a unique software which enables you to manage the critical phases of your LEAN Six Sigma project.

The Big Picture

ACTLean is the first software that enables you
to manage the most critical phases of a Lean Six Sigma project. You will be in a position to formulate a project charter, to obtain real-time stakeholder analysis (including mood matrix) and to establish a complete and adequate business case.

ACTLean enables you to map your processes, and to add steps in your VSM with just a click. Each step builds an associated timeline, with value-add time and lead time in the diagram. Enter your known data inputs and ACTLean will calculate takt time, lead time, value-add time, and overall process cycle efficiency (PCE) automatically.

Traget: All companies that use Lean or Six Sigma to drive operational excellence.

ACTLEAN Software

What You get

We deliver :

  • Ability to run multiple projects in parallel and to share resources (e.g. work Centre, inventory, Stakeholder).
  • Powerful stakeholder tracking, in order to assess their impact and influence over your project.
  • Multiple ways to capture voice of customer (VOC), including KANO analysis.
  • Analytical Hierarchy Process, which checks consistency of captured VOC and sets priorities
  • Integration of VOC to QFD, and identification of Key Performance Indicators.
  • pVSM which maps the value stream and calculates process capability according to Six Sigma.
  • rVSM, for a transactional (service) environment. In addition to mapping, this helps you measure process risks and reliability.

What We do


  • Lean Six Sigma Green and Black belts using ACTLean.
  • Special training for applying LSS in service environment.
  • Special training for applying LSS for IT/IS.


  • Running Lean Six Sigma projects.
  • Applying LSS to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (eg. SAP).
  • Lean Product and Process Innovation (LPPI).

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