Exelop is happy to represent the cutting edge of swiss innovation at the “Swiss pavilion” of the Viva Technology tradeshow in Paris.

Swiss Business Hub France and five other handpicked companies will be presenting the Swiss Pavilion’s technological topics, mainly

Drones – Robots – Internet of Things

AI – Energy – Smart Cities – Mobility

We will be presenting PICC,
the universal platform for Collective Intelligence,
which places human beings in the center.

On any topic, PICC give Human the control of:

image collective intelligence smart cities 5

… all for the purpose of converging toward robust solutions

. the facts
. the know-how
. the analysis
. the decision
. the innovation
. the history
. the prediction

Strengths: interactive, collaborative, fluid, cross device, simple, smart, powerful, analytic
Work applications: Retrospectives, IoT, predictive maintenance, knowledge management, innovation management…

Ideal to keep human at the center of smart city programs.
Get ready to collaborate in a surprising way!

PICC Meetings

Book your One & One meeting with us, and swiss chocolate ! :

+41 79 596 68 37

At the “Pitching Zone Métropole de Paris”
Humans at the heart of the smart city, with PICC

Meet & greet at the Swiss Pavilion
Presentation of every company of the swiss delegation as well as Q&A

“Swiss 4 Tech: Innovation, start-up and entrepreneurship in Switzerland”
at the swiss embassy

After a speech by Patrick Aebischer, attend testimonials by PICC users:

. CEA for IoT applications
. Bic will talk about their product and market innovations

Get your invite: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScqYYrKGnlyD3tAjdp5AiNOUhWrXFkBN_EiUbirTNIrmRJHPg/viewform

At the Swiss Pavilion
Presided by Mauro Dell’Ambrigio