Partnership with Technicad Engineering SA

We are pleased to present our partnership with TechniCAD Engineering SA, a key partner of Rexroth Bosch Group.

TechniCAD specializes in chemical engineering, mechanical development, petrochemicals, environment, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and food.

The management of Technicad was trained by Exelop to the IDM-TRIZ systematic innovation method and its use through the PICC© software.

With this training and the application of PICC©, they were able to unblock in two months a major industrial problem that Glass2e, a manufacturer of innovative photovoltaic panels had pending for several years.

After this achievment, Technicad is now training all its engineers on PICC© solution, in order to promote exchanges with their customers and strengthen their ability to solve future challenges, thanks to already capitalized studies.

This close collaboration delights us and promises a long-term quality relationship.