Values, vision and operational complementarity are keywords gathering Exelop and a number of partners.
We work with labs, academic institutions to develop new solutions and provide you with the best training programs.
It is a pleasure for us to build a relationship of advice, research and development (R & D) and trust with each partner, customer and collaborator, to give you the capital of our respective knowledge and facilitate the smooth optimization.
Our mission is to accompany each customer to operational excellence.

In this context, we are surrounded by quality and confidence partners:

Central Supelec – Executive Education: Training and implementation of methods to achieve operational excellence

Centrale Supelec partenaire Exelop

Centrale Supelec partenaire Exelop

Central Supelec – Execute Education trains corporates to operational excellence by offering a highly operational approach for visible results and directly used in professional situations.
As such, they trust us by entrusting us with their projects and trainings in the field of systematic innovation through TRIZ methodology. In parallel, Exelop Formation represents Supelec Central School in the Rhône-Alpes region and our Lean Six Sigma training can be specifically certificied.

The STEPS network: research, development, consulting and implementation of the inventive design and problem solving.

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timetoinnovatePartenariat CEAMind partenaire Exelop

The STEPS-network is based on a methodology symbolized by a software to help the inventive design, developed by Time-to-Innovate.
This software is the result of a collaboration between a design engineering lab (LGECO) INSA Strasbourg, industrial companies such ArcellorMittal, MBDA and Socomec and consulting companies as xFive in Belgium, Tom Spike in Germany and therefore, Exelop.

The work of research and development for the improvement of this methodology are conducted in the laboratory LGECO according to the guidelines decided by the consortium, especially as the automatic extraction of information contained in patents.