Our Innovation Management Training Courses

TRIZ Introduction

The 1-day TRIZ introduction course offers an overview of the systematic innovation method. During the course, you will understand how the act of inventing is formed and how software tools (PICC) can help you.

TRIZ Basic

During this course, participants learn the fundamentals of the systematic innovation method based on TRIZ. Practical cases will allow you to practice the concepts and tools presented. In addition, different examples, coming from different industries, Aeronautics, Pharmaceutical, Food, automotive, etc. will illustrate the concepts.


This is an advanced training course based on the TRIZ methodology.

You will learn how to collect and capitalize on existing knowledge in the company, from your customers and from your competitors, how to objectively target the real problems to be solved, and how to generate hypotheses for evolution (technology forecasting).
You will also be introduced to various idea generation and problem solving tools such as PICC.