A management concept to enhance quality and productivity!

Based on continuous improvement, waste reduction and process optimization, Lean Six Sigma aimes at developing business performance. This methodology allows Exelop’s customers to save up to 70% of their production costs.

Exelop Formations provides organizations with different types of process management training and a recognized official certification. All the trainings are supervised by a Master Black Belt, based on practical examples and an exceptional personalized follow up.


Ensure quick gains for your business with this yellow belt training without requiring knowledge of operational excellence. During two days you will discover the Lean Six Sigma methodology, tools and philosophy that will allow you to to rapidly implement small continuous improvement projects.

Next sessions :

April 19 and 20, May 24 and 25.


Relevant for all types of business and all sectors of activity, Lean Six Sigma methodology, based on the DMAIC approach (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) helps to reduce variability and optimise processes. This green belt training will give you deep knowledge of this methodology and enable you to increase efficiency within your company.

Next sessions :

March 29 to April 6, May 9 to 18, June 6 to 14.


This training allows participants to master the Lean Six Sigma methodology in any situation. You will learn how to manage complex strategic projects, measure the evolution of performance, and form the best possible team. Lean Six Sigma black belt training is the continuation of the green belt.

Next sessions :

April 25 and May 3, July 18 to 26.

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