Learn how to fight rising cost and grow your business with the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Official certification – Supervised by a Master Black Belt – Practical examples

From 29 March to 6 April 2016 in Geneva

Whether executives, managers or project managers in industrial or service companies, Lean Six Sigma helps to answer any problematic about process optimization.
This advanced tools are currently deployed in leading companies (AXA, GE, Motorola, Toyota). They transformed the culture. Our educational belief is that beyond academic excellence in learning tools and Six Sigma, we are committed to turn your facilitation skills into the development of human performance as well as helping you in the establishment of a cultural management of continuous improvement.

Training goals :

  • Master the theoretical and practical concepts of Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Develop your ability to manage and lead value-creating projects.
  • Understand issues of a culture of continuous improvement.

Teaching method :

  • Presentation of the principles
  • Systematic illustration
  • Study cases and tasks
  • Dissertation viva
  • Simulation game

Key points of the training :

– The DMAIC approach
– History of the Lean Six Sigma
– Building a project charter
– Stakeholder analysis
– 5 voices analysis
– Data collection
– Process mapping (VSM)
– Basic statistics
– Distribution laws (normal, binomial, Poisson)
– Measuring the process capabiltity with control charts
– Measurement system analysis
– Linear regression
– 7 wastes
– 5S
– FMECA analysis
– Implement Poka Yoke

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