Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt supports complex and strategic projects and contributes to the deployment of the Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement approach.

This training follows the Green Belt training. It aims to enable participants to master and experiment with highly specialized Lean Six Sigma tools.

A Black Belt Certified Project Manager has advanced knowledge of many components of Lean that allows him to have a variety of tools to put in place depending on the situation. In addition, they also have knowledge of statistics and Six Sigma to be able to measure the current state of performance (machine, workshop, charging station, factory) and control variations.

Beyond the technical skills, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training also has a managerial component, allowing trained people to learn how to train the best team and how best to manage it, thanks to the Belbin method.

The ExelOp training process involves the completion of a Lean Six Sigma project. For example, a Black Belt certified project manager will have completed at least 2 continuous improvement projects.


  • Enable participants to manage a Lean Six Sigma project in industry or services.
  • Use and apply advanced statistical tools.
  • Understand how to manage a project portfolio using Lean Six Sigma.

Pedagogical Method

  • Presentation of the principes of Lean Six Sigma
  • Clear examples
  • Case studies
  • Simulation Games

Target Audience

Directors, managers, project managers or field officers in manufacturing or services.

Prerequisites : Green Belt Certification

Cost / Duration

4’500 CHF

5 Days

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