INSA Toulouse receives Exelop

Last March 2nd, Exelop paid a visit to the INSA in Toulouse.  Five teachers of the school will open courses on the TRIZ systematic innovation methodology.

Thanks to TRIZ theory, innovation can be achieved systematically, for any problem, however complex – innovation is obtained with a precise methodology that builds on your capital of internal and external experiences.

This day was full of learning with the practical implementation of different cases giving teachers proper integration to best transmit the principles of innovation to future students.

As of June, future engineers will inaugurate the Innovation sessions in their curricula. See you next year to find the students, their professors and the continuation of their project.

PICC software launching soon !

The countdown has begun!

Only few days left before the launch of PICC software.

Private Innovation Competence Center is the collaborative work platform developed by Exelop. Based on crowdsourcing, PICC aims to capitalize on all the knowledge available within the company to resolve intricate problems and approach innovation in a systematic way.

PICC also helps:

  • To Capitalize on Know-How
  • In decision making & strategy
  • In Technology Forecasting
  • In Predictive Maintenance
  • To manage connected objects
  • In international collaborative projects
  • In Patent Encapsulation


In June, you too will be able to discover how make innovation systematic. The list of interested parties continues to grow, with international groups in the fields of aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, industry, etc… including L’Oréal who adopted this new approach. N’hésitez donc pas à prendre contact avec l’équipe d’Exelop pour toute demande de renseignements.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Exelop team for any additional information.

3Mundi project with Exelop

3Mundi’s activity is driven by the will of providing an excellent service to its customers composed of business travellers, and also by a strong attention to the use of technology to improve their travellers’ experience. A very high attention is paid to their customers, and the travel company is always seeking for new ways of optimizing their processes. SYSO is a good example of it : this is a tool that detects flare fluctuations in case of international flights.

Why did 3Mundi call Exelop?

The booming travel agency called Exelop to optimize information flow and improve ongoing case processing time ( ticket purchases on the online platform , customer service , answers to questions, … ).

After analyzing the current process of 3Mundi, we recommended a reorganization of information flow and good decoupling front office (sales interface) and back office (sales processing). These changes can reduce the information processing time by over 70% (400h) and triple the time spent on activities with real value added for the customer.

Production management : Exelop was in Tunisia for a mission during Recovery Plan

During four months, from July to October, Exelop intervened in a company whose order volume exploded in 2015.

Given the drastic increase in the number of orders, the company encountered problems in delivering orders on time.

A mission on production management following two steps :

Firstly, we had secure procurements: increased forecast horizon to prevent stock breaks from 2 to 11 weeks and reduction of the number of orders « in the past ».
Changing for a 11-week vision allows the supplier to produce the pieces in a standard delay.
(eg: a piece for which the lead time (= production by the subcontractor + transport) is 4 weeks, could not be supplied by the requested date if the need is identified only 2 weeks before the due date).
Reducing the number of orders in the past has in turn permitted reliable calculation of net needs and better vision of the stock: in fact, these non-received orders were considered available stock and thus distorted the calculation of need.

Secondly, once made reliable supplies and reduced procurement shortages, production delays had to be reduced by allowing schedulers to plan their production.
Visualization tools of the priorities of the day and adequacy load / capacity in real time have been set up, and a communication tool to share the commitments on time between all stakeholders.

LEAN : The Exelop-Sogerma project is awarded !

The ExelOP-Sogerma project received the first prize in the category of LEAN competition, facing a dozen other projects.

Other external awards also came underline the success of this project and operational results.

Gold Award for Best performer by Airbus. A note of 92 out of 100 was issued after three days of audit.

Customer Award also awarded by Airbus H (Helicopter) for on time deliveries on the overall scope of the order book in series and replacement.

The rate of delivery on time rose from 54% in 2011 to 100% in 2014!
In parallel to its remarkable results, it should be noted that they have not been artificially obtained by an artificial increase in inventories and work, or the intrinsic capacity. Economic activity results are better than the operative plan.

Following this project, Sogerma also maintained its place in the top 10 suppliers for the quality support to airlines via the SFE rating (rating by: Airlines, Airbus, Sogerma) by improving its score by a few points compared last year. An award will be delivered at the next airshow in London.

Stelia: Exelop is in Rochefort (France)

Stelia is a company belonging to the Airbus Group and specialized in the design and production of aircraft sets for Business Class, pilot seats and aerostructures. The group counts more that 6,000 employees in the world and is mostly implemented in the Maghreb countries, France and Canada. Performance and quality are at the core of their values and enable the company to differentiate itself.

Differentiated Cabines at Stelia

Following its longstanding work with Stelia Aerospace (ex-Sogerma), a company of the Airbus group, Exelop works this year again on the site of Rochefort to implement the delayed differentiation whitin the Cabines service.