3Mundi project with Exelop

3Mundi’s activity is driven by the will of providing an excellent service to its customers composed of business travellers, and also by a strong attention to the use of technology to improve their travellers’ experience. A very high attention is paid to their customers, and the travel company is always seeking for new ways of optimizing their processes. SYSO is a good example of it : this is a tool that detects flare fluctuations in case of international flights.

Why did 3Mundi call Exelop?

The booming travel agency called Exelop to optimize information flow and improve ongoing case processing time ( ticket purchases on the online platform , customer service , answers to questions, … ).

After analyzing the current process of 3Mundi, we recommended a reorganization of information flow and good decoupling front office (sales interface) and back office (sales processing). These changes can reduce the information processing time by over 70% (400h) and triple the time spent on activities with real value added for the customer.